Steel Bridges

SHS Steel Bridges offer an ideal alternative solution to timber bridges for spans in excess of 9 metres.

For customers who desire an all steel solution for their project we have a selection of bridge types with spans ranging from a simple 9 metre steel beam design up to an 80 – 90 metre Cable Stay Bridge.

Our Engineers are very experienced with designing and working with all types of steel bridge structures including the popular Truss Girder design.

You will see from the photographs below that they are very versatile, being suitable for pedestrian only structures, pedestrians and cyclists, equestrian and can also be designed to accommodate vehicle loads.

We can also advise on bespoke solutions if you have a conceptual ideal and would like  to discuss the possibilities with our Engineers. The bridges are generally supplied galvanised but can also  be supplied  painted or powder coated in a colour to suit the client or surroundings.


Steel bridges can be very useful where relatively low construction heights are required.
Our site erection teams are very experienced even when access can be difficult and the site area is very restricted.
The steel bridges we produce are designed according to Eurocode with N/A (National Annex).
Designs are available optically flat or with a bow for a curved elevation.
Bridges can be supplied with various decking and parapet options to suit client requirements.
Full calculations and drawings will be prepared for your approval prior to manufacture.